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Bumper Repair

We specialise in bumper bar repairs, whether is is a half bar blended or a full bar we can make your car look straight again.


Headlight Refinishing

Modern car headlights can suffer from UV exposure. If your headlights look yellow/powdery in colour and have lost clarity, let us restore them to like new. Better than a buff and polish -  this treatment will last for years to come.


Body Chips and Scratches

All cars sustain chips and scratches - that's just a fact of life when driving!  Our team use a specialist range of products and methods to have your car looking the best it can in no time at all.

White Sheet

Brake Calipers

Customising the colour of your brake calipers can make all the difference to the appearance of your vehicle. From stand out colours to draw the eye, to blending them in to the cars colour scheme we can do it for you. 


Colour Coding/Styling

Stand out from the crowd with colour coding/styling. From customised badges to anything you would like to make your own - lets have a chat!


Buff and Polish

Turn heads with a beautifully finished look on your car. Whether it be bringing the old favourite back to life or keeping the brand new looking like it just left the showroom we can get your car looking the best!

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